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Details and History:

Lone Viking Productions is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Keith D. Olson.  The company name was previously "Keith Olson Photography", but was officially changed in 2004.

"Portraits of Chicago", begun in 1978, is unlike anything else for several reasons.  First of all, not many shows have been under production for such a long time, but the format itself is also quite unusual.   Four segments combine to give the audience a view of Chicago that is more than just educational and entertaining - viewers say it can make your spine tingle.  Part documentary, part music video, part photo exhibition, "Portraits of Chicago" has been described as an art-form unto itself.  You can read some reviews from the show's early period: Testimonials and Awards

The lengthy production schedule has made it possible to invest great time and effort into perfecting lengthy series of inter-related images.  The first version required about three years to complete, because of the emphasis on visual and conceptual continuity from one image to the next.  Originally done entirely with still images, each picture was created specifically to maintain a relationship with adjacent images in terms of shape, color, and theme.  This results in a visual poem of kaleidoscopic choreographed photographs, blending into each other in time with background music.  This is particularly true for the  Architecture and Scenic segments.  The other two segments, History and "People / Culture", use this approach to some degree, but in those segments the flow concentrates more on logical progression and the presentation of a message.  It is all visually enjoyable.

Throughout, the show has been designed to appeal to people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and all parts of the globe.  There are things included in images that true Chicago experts will spot, but which are not dwelt on in the show.  You don't need to be a historian or an architectural expert to enjoy "Portraits".  However, if you are watching with a local they may find lots of things to comment on.


You can watch a sampler version of "Portraits of Chicago"  from the Home Page.