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November 2013

Blu-Ray is the best presentation format for the material in "Portraits", and the show has been upgraded with a substantial amount of new material, to ensure that all images are up to HD standards.

Blu-ray discs now have an extra segment,  "Dynamic Artwork" is a 27 minute video with no sound, featuring only the season, year and decade spanning images of Chicago from Lincoln park.  The dissolves are very slow, so you can't readily see the artwork changing, but each time you look at the screen after a few minutes, it's a different picture.  Great for parties, running the segment as a loop provides entertainment with no sound to interfere with conversation or other background music.


July 2016

New technology is providing some great improvements to the show.  A 4K camera on a drone, and another for pedestrian purposes, are enabling new levels of quality.  A new version will be available before long.


August 2018

A new script, lots of quality improvements and a fair amount of new material have resulted in a big jump in overall quality.  Improved use of Premeire filters has made a big difference too.